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The Sunderoey was built in 2004 at Gondan Shipyard in Spain for its previous owner Prestfjord AS. The company primarily operated the vessel in the waters around Norway where it was among the top 5 producers operating in that region. ISCC brought the Sunderoey home to the Alberni Valley in 2020.

About the Sunderoey:

  • 56.2m Length Overall

  • 1874 Gross Tonnage

  • Cargo Capacity 515 Metric Tonnes

  • Crew Complement: 30 persons

  • Processing Capacity 77mt/day

  • Max Speed 14kts

  • Date launched: 2004


ISCC has also invested in a fish meal plant that has the capacity of handling 48 tons of raw material per 24 hours and was designed and delivered by AMOF-Fjell Process Technology AS. The plant produces high quality marine proteins and fish oil from fish waste and cut-offs in order to reduce waste!



The Raw Spirit was built in 1998 in Harstad, Norway and designed by naval architects Atalantconsult A/S. The Raw Spirit (then Nordfjordtral) was originally built to fish groundfish. She performed admirably in these fisheries, gaining a reputation among North Atlantic fishermen as one of the finest sea-keeping vessels in her size class.

About Raw Spirit:

  • 44m Length Overall

  • 931 Gross Tonnage

  • Cargo Capacity 330 Metric Tonnes

  • Crew Complement 26 persons

  • Processing Capacity 55mt/day

  • Max Speed 12.5kts

  • Date launched: 1998

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